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For a full turnkey solution to your brand requirements, please visit the Pearce Group of Companies

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Pearce Digital is part of the Pearce Group of companies, offering a full-service package for internal and external digital signage requirements on a local, national and international level.

Pearce Signs was Established in 1791 and we are immensely proud of our heritage and capabilities to continually innovate and keep up with the changing environment in which we work in.

Signage has evolved over time, yet the primary objective remains the same: to effectively communicate to your customers who you are and where you are.

Your signage is your voice: it’s how you communicate with the world. We use cutting-edge technologies to give your business the platform it deserves.

At Pearce, we story-tell through creative concepts and provide signs for the most recognised brands across the world. Our core philosophy is to deliver consistent quality with integrity.

As brands evolve, so do our skills and product offerings. Pearce Digital is the newest addition to the Pearce family, providing digital solutions for the next chapter of the Pearce Group story.

Our history


Pearce Signs was founded

The Pearce Signs Group is an industry-leader; probably Europe’s largest sign maker; in the top six in the world, yet it remains an entirely private family-owned company. Samuel, the founder, signed his formal indentures in 1791.


Sign making and design

Throughout much of the 19th century, sign making remained an individual craft operation, typically illustrated in paint on wood. From its earliest beginnings, Pearce Signs has operated in South-East London, moving on several occasions, before settling at its present New Cross head office. Then, as now, the early Pearces recognised that success is in the effective marriage of sign making and design and in the transfer of two-dimensional images to three.

Early 1900s


As the Victorian era closed, the company was beginning a process of steady expansion under H.J. Pearce, the present chairman’s grandfather. Pearce Signs was pioneering many new developments, such as gas and later electrical illumination. With the introduction of Neon around 1930, sign making entered a new era and Pearce Signs were commissioned to sign the ‘new’ Odeon in Leicester Square, London. Soon after that, Harold Pearce led a first move into the international marketplace.

man putting up royal bank of Scotland sign

Late 1900s

New Era

By the 1960s, wood and paint had metamorphosised into plastics, metals, and complex systems of illumination. Pearce Signs’ typical customers were now large corporations, concerned with exacting identity programmes. The result was a customer list second to none and an enviable reputation for performance and quality. With that, the Group’s expertise was channelled into new areas, such as Security Systems and the acquisition of Davand.


New Possibilities

Now 200 years on, it seems that we are again on the verge of a new era. After forty years of restrictions, the sign industry is undergoing a period of official ‘de-regulation’ – opening up new creative and manufacturing possibilities. Signs themselves are returning more and more, and their marketing roots and the range of applications is increasing. It promises to be interesting…